Please feel free to contact me about our work . . . but here are some comments that have been made.

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March 25th 2002

Dear Bill

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, most sincerely, for the entertainment which you and the Band provided at the Annual Banquet of The British Institute of Funeral Directors held at the Ramside Hall.

As National President of the Institute, it was a great responsibility to organise the Annual General meeting and banquet, but with your professionalism and expertise, I am delighted to say that the evening was a great success.

The variety of music which the band played catered for every taste, and as the evening (and the alcohol ) wore on, you were able to get everyone in a party mood and sustain it to the end, which was great!

On behalf of myself, Helen, and all those present, please pass on my sincere thanks to everyone in the band, and in particular to you for making the evening special. We would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone looking for entertainment.

118, High Street South, Langley Moor. DH7 8JH TEL: 0191 3784828

South Durham Hunt

1st August 2002

Dear Bill,

South Durham Hunt Ball

Thank you so much for playing at the South Durham Hunts "Queens Jubilee Ball". It was a resounding success and you kept the extra-large dance floor full all night.

Everyone enjoyed it so much we would like you to perform at our next Ball which will be taking place shortly.

Yours sincerely

Alan Wade.

The Bill Watson Band has played for us at our annual Ball for several years. He is just right for us because his band is able to play a wide range of music fitting the mix of guests attending.

Deborah Jeffery, Chairman, Northumberland & Durham Region of the Lady Taverners.


Here are some of the comments which have been made about my 'Swing Studies' series of publications and  the companion soundtracks:
 "I found them all good fun to play, the melodies are of a "catchy" nature which I am sure would motivate the students."
"These studies are an excellent introduction to jazz/big band playing involving appropriate reading, phrasing and improvisation practise for students of all ages"
"These studies would be of great benefit to teachers and students with a Classical or Brass Band background"
"The accompanying C.D. not only demonstrates the style well, but allows the student to play along with a good rhythm section"
" I have tried these with my pupils and they work very well. It's made all the more enjoyable for them playing along with a rhythm section."
"I would be very interested to incorporate these books into my teaching"
"It is good to see the 30 studies graded across such a wide band of abilities, as it is always difficult to get worthwhile jazz and swing teaching material for early grade levels"
"I especially like the ideas for using the C.D. accompaniment in such a variety of ways"
"This is just what I have been looking for, we can have some great fun with these books"

Here are some of the comments which I have received about my jazz workshops:

From Steve Johnston, Guttersloh Music Centre, Kings School, Germany:

' Hi Bill, ... Some comments from the band concerning your improvisation workshop/band weekend:

1. The most improvising I've ever done in such a short space of time.

2. Bill and Paul showed such patience and explained everything so fully.

3. What a fantastic weekend, are they coming again?

4. I never thought I'd be able to improvise - but it came easier after such skilled coaching.

5. It gave me so much to think about & opened my mind to new skills.

6. I can't wait to do this again.

7. Superb time, and just want to have another go soon.

8. Paul demonstrated to such a high level but always took care to make us feel good about our own playing. Bill directed the ensemble with such competence and left us feeling that we had achieved so much. '