This series of books is for performers of all musical backgrounds who wish to play swing and jazz.  It is a progressive system in 3 stages with original music.
These books allow the performer to approach their playing from a number of areas.

  1. Every piece has a rhythm section backing which determines the tempo and style.
  2. Play along with the pre recorded melody line to check your own phrasing, articulation, dynamics and breathing.
  3. Take off the lead track when you feel confident to play without it.
  4. Play the duet part with a teacher or friend, or play the duet part along with the lead track. This can be used for ensemble performance in examinations.
  5. The rhythm section continues to play without the lead track, this allows you to improvise your own jazz solos around the printed chords.
  6. Finish by playing with the lead track, without the lead track or as a duet.

This series of books covers many of the options and techniques you will need for rehearsal and performance if you want to play swing and jazz.

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