Bill Watson is a teacher, performer, composer, musical director and publisher.
He has been Musical Director of the very successful Durham Youth Jazz Orchestra for over 20 years and is also Musical Director of the Sunderland University Big Band. ...

This series of books is for performers of all musical backgrounds who wish to play swing and jazz.  It is a progressive system in 3 stages with original music.
These books allow the performer to approach their playing from a number of areas...


WORKSHOPS This programme of music workshops covers a wide range of musical styles and is constructed for musicians and students of all ages and levels. These packages can be tailored to your needs for length, age group, style and purpose.
All of the courses are directed by professional musicians and educators. .




These bands have been performing at a wide range of events throughout the U.K. for over 20 years. The size of the band and the content and style of the music can be tailored to suite your needs, from trio to 20 piece big band. ... MORE